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Over the last 23 years, I have helped clients achieve success over the full cross-section of what is generically called “family law.”   My clients come from all over Southwestern Ontario, so I am equally at home in the Superior Courts of Toronto, York Region, Oshawa, Milton and Brampton.    I have also appeared numerous times at the Ontario Court of Appeal.

My strong suit is practicality.  Family law isn’t a battle between insurance companies, or institutions, or corporations.  It pits (often) mother against father, or husband against wife, or grandparents wanting a stake in raising their grandchildren, or even children being forcibly removed from their home to be placed into foster care.   Nobody wants to get bogged down in court where a virtual stranger (a judge) will decide who will end up raising your children.     Cases with significant property or money disputes require the same cost-effective, big picture approach.  My goal is to achieve a fair, but firm resolution and I believe this is my reputation amongst peers and clients alike.

As in any walk of life, experience in a particular field of law is a great equalizer and teacher.   It allows me to draw from similar situations (whether factual or legal), know the tendency of a specific judge and/or courthouse and recognize potential problems before they are otherwise uncovered.    My 23 years of experience enable me to recognize at the earliest stages the likely outcome of a case, how long it may take, approximate costs, the best route to the finish line, and positions of weakness.   I have enjoyed success in practice areas where many colleagues have never before ventured (the Hague Convention for Protection against International Kidnapping, asserting the custodial rights of grandparents, to name a few).

When your lawyer’s experience is coupled with enthusiasm and vigor, you have quite a dynamic force on your side.   I am more passionate about family law today than I was 10 years ago.  The reasons why this is so include my litigation success, enhanced reputation, client satisfaction, and development of   close networking with other professionals with whom I work (business valuators, social workers, fellow family law lawyers).

I have included links to other sites that reflect the type of information many clients seek out when they initially go through a separation.   If you have any questions, please email me at jamessinger@bellnet.ca.

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